Hair Growth Slowdown Cream – How It Works?

Unwanted body hair is something that almost every woman deals with, except for a small percentage that doesn’t mind being hairy and good on them but for most of us, hair removal is continuous. Some people’s hair grows back faster than others too which can be a result of many different factors from genetics including genetics or hormones. Procedures are ongoing and sometimes expensive, time-consuming and painful. So, ideally, if there was something which could reduce the amount of time we had to carry out hair removal procedures, most of us would probably jump at the chance, right?! Well, I’m happy to share something with you that there is, in fact, a way and it’s called hair growth inhibitors.

Hair growth what? – It’s called hair growth inhibitors and it basically slows down the growth of hair when applied to smooth skin. Hair growth inhibitors are in the form of a cream which not only disturbs the natural growth cycle of the hair but they also make the skin soft and supple while healing injuries and tending to irritated skin.

Method of Application

Apply this cream immediately after hair removal as the cream can penetrate to the follicle with ease. Apply a thin layer and rub it I with massage movements. For the best results, the cream should be applied after your hair is removed and then every day after.

Natural Alternatives

The base of a hair growth inhibitor is generally made of natural ingredients including young grape vine, soy milk, and walnut shell oil. These natural components are known to influence the hair follicle in a way that slows down the hair growth. These ingredients and others are included in several home remedies for slowing down the hair growth naturally. The natural form of hair growth inhibitors has actually been around since as soon as hair removal came about. You can try some natural remedies for yourself and make your own conclusion although I am aware that the variants made in laborites are more advanced and have a longer shelf life while being quick and easy to purchase.

The Time it takes Before Seeing a Noticeable Difference

You should be informed that you will not notice a significant reduction in hair growth over night, like most things this too takes time. It’ll take approximately 1-2 months of continuous application before you notice a change in hair growth speed. But, from my point of view, it’s completely worth the wait because I apply a moisturizer to my skin every day anyway so, this is just a replacement to my standard moisturizer.

A Few Points to Keep in Mind

So it’s clear to recognize the benefits of using a hair growth inhibitor cream, but as most things have pluses and minuses – so does this. So it’s up to you to weigh them out and see whether using a hair growth slowdown cream is worth it for you.

  • It’s typical to experience burning or itchy feelings after the first use but does not occur any the initial use.
  • Ingrown hairs are not uncommon, which makes depilation unpleasant.
  • An allergic reaction occurs in rare situations but it’s still noteworthy. You should test a small patch of skin before applying the cream to a large area. Also, go over the list of ingredients in the cream before applying it if you’re prone to reactions and know that you have sensitive skin. You could check also with a dermatologist to ensure that it’s suitable for you to use.

Combining both hair growth inhibitors with your chosen method of hair removal will give you the best results.

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