How to Straight Your Hair Quickly and Healthily

Besides blowing, hairstyle that women often do is straightening hair with a flat iron. For those who frequently use this tool and want to straight hair all day, follow these tips of how to straight your hair quickly. Hair is going to look straight and neat when using hair straightener but if you too often use it or use it in the wrong way, the result is the hair becomes dry and brittle. For you who also love the hair straightening and experience the same thing, here are ways of how to straight your hair quickly and properly to make it not easily damaged.

  1. Do not clamp the hair when the hair is wet or discharged shampooing. Wait until the hair dry.
  2. Straightening when the hair still wet will make your hair smell like burning.
  3. Before straightening, rub serum, cream, vitamin, or hair protective lotion to prevent dry hair and make it shiny and healthy.
  4. Separate the hair into sections. Clasp with hair clamp tool and hold for 6 seconds and pull from the base to the tip of hair. Try not to stop in the middle because it will make the hair look broken.
  5. Do not straighten one section of hair repeatedly. Friction between the slab and the hair can damage the hair cuticle. After finishing using the brush bristles, comb your hair according to your taste.

After straightening

Titanium ceramic generates constant and evenly heat on the hair, resulting in faster straightening hair. After straightening, let it stand until the tool cool and then wipe with a clean cloth or towels. Store tools in a dry straightener. Do not put it in damp areas, like bathrooms, because moisture will damage the circuits of electronic items. Care for the hair that is often straightened. For thin and dry hair, do not set your straightener at a maximum temperature and just use it around 2-3 times a week. To maintain the hair’s natural, we can use a conditioner after shampooing or doing special treatment in the salon for more permanent results. There are various kinds of treatments ranging from treatment for hair loss, scalp, oily, dry hair shaft, and so forth. Choose your treatment according to the complaint. Keep your hair healthy.

There is no harm in buying a more expensive health home hair straightener for your hair well preserved. Remember, there is no price that can buy your hair back. That’s how to choose the best straightener to make it straight and beautiful in all day. Do not too often straighten your hair because it is also bad for your hair healthy. To prevent hair damage due to frequent, do not straighten hair in wet condition. After washing your hair, wait for it to dry and after that just starting straightening. Apply hair mask after straightening. Separate hair into sections and clamp little by little starting from the root. Do not clamp on one section of hair over and over. The dial friction can damage the hair cuticle.

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